Osborne Road Study

In late 2015, Anoka County initiated a study of the one mile section of Osborne Road between University Avenue (Hwy 47) and Central Avenue (Hwy 65) to evaluate potential improvements.

Osborne Road remains an important roadway to the community, traffic volumes have decreased significantly over the last several years. Considering this decrease, Anoka County decided to evaluate the current four-lane design to determine if modifications could be made to make it more conducive to the needs of the neighborhood, particularly for pedestrians who need to cross the street.

Potential Improvements

One design concept under consideration is a 3-lane road, consisting of one travel lane in each direction separated by a continuous center-turn lane. This design would make pedestrian crossing safer and provide a paved shoulder to accommodate disabled vehicles and other modes of transportation such as bicycling. Anoka County is also evaluating traffic control at the intersections. They will also evaluate roundabouts for potential improvements.

Anoka County has hired an engineering and planning firm to assist them, and expect the study to be completed this summer.

Additional Details

Anoka County hosted a public open house on Feb. 9th at Woodcrest Elementary. Here are some of the materials on display and a copy of the presentation.

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Osborne Road Project Considerations Map