Filing for Office

The City of Fridley has 3 offices on the November 2018 ballot:
The Offices of
Councilmember Ward 1
Councilmember Ward 2
Councilmember Ward 3

You must be a resident of the ward to file for office.

Filing Time Period

 Filings for these offices opens May 22, 2018 and closes on June 5, 2018

If more than two candidates file for one office, a primary election will be held on August 14, 2018, to narrow the candidates to two.  The two candidates receiving the most votes will  move forward to the General Election in November.

How to File

More information and forms will be made available May 1, 2018.  Part of the process will include:

  1. The Fridley City Charter, Chapter 4, requires a $10 filing fee and Nomination petition signed by a minimum of ten registered voters during the filing period. Please see the Instructions for Circulating a Nominating Petition for additional details.
  2. Please complete the Public Disclosure Statement and return it with the Nomination Petition and filing fee during the open filing period.
  3. Once a candidate spends or receives $750, the candidate must file a Campaign Finance Report within 14 days with the Fridley City Clerk. See Chapter 211A of the Fair Campaign practices Act and the back of the Campaign Financial Reports for reporting dates required by law.


Required forms to complete and return to City Clerk at the time of filing and available May 1, 2018 are:
  1. 2018 Affidavit of Candidacy (Address of Residence Form if Needed for Privacy Purposes)
  2. City of Fridley Nomination Petition
  3. City of Fridley Public Disclosure Statement for City Council and Candidates
  4. Anoka County 2018 AutoMark Pronunciation Form
Optional forms to complete and return to City Clerk:
5. MN SOS Election Candidate Information (Voluntary Disclosure) Form
6. City of Fridley Candidate Withdrawal Form (only if candidate decides to withdraw)

Political Signs

The City of Fridley does not require permits for political signs. Signs must adhere to the following regulations:
  • A maximum size of 32 square feet in area
  • To not be placed until 46 days before a special or regular election
  • To be removed within 10 days following election
  • Must be placed a minimum of 10 feet from a street curb and 10 feet from any driveway