West Moore Lake and Trail Project


The construction schedule for the following week can be found at this link. The contractor will begin to install curb and gutter. f curb has been removed from the front of your driveway, please park vehicles on adjacent streets (58th Ave,Marigold Terrace, or 59th Ave) prior to Monday, at 7:00 a.m. We ask that you continue to park on those adjacentstreets for 5 days after installation to allow the concrete to cure. Please do not park your vehicles in theconstruction area or on West Moore Lake Drive, as it can limit access for construction equipment. If you have any questions please contact the engineering department.

PROJECT UPDATE JUNE 13, 2019  - Start of Construction

Construction is underway.  The contractor will continue to rough grade the roadway, install new catch basins/manholes and storm pipes, and install new trial light bollards (posts) during the week of June 17. More information can be found at project update mailer, including a schedule of upcoming construction events. 


A preliminary schedule for construction is now available at this link. Updates will continue to be posted here. Schedule is weather dependent.


North Valley, Inc plans to begin construction for this project following the last day of school for the summer, June 10th. Project updates will be sent out on a weekly basis with most up to date information and will also be loaded to this page. A project schedule and summary of the project was mailed home this week and can be found at this link.

Additionally, a frequently asked questions sheet was also included with the mailed public notice and that information can be found at this link.

Please contact the Engineering Department with questions at 763-572-3554. 


Public Hearing

A Public Hearing was held on February 12th, 2018 on the West Moore Lake Trail and Street Resurfacing Project. If you missed the public hearing or would like to view the presentation again, you can do so at this link.