Development Projects

Development Updates

  1. Northstar TOD Master Plan

    The Northstar TOD Master Plan guides future redevelopment in Fridley to complete necessary pedestrian/cycling connections to transit, including buses and the commuter train.

  2. Columbia Arena

    Over 800 hours of public input has gone into redevelopment ideas for the Columbia Arena location. As the City Council considers what is next for this area, we invite you to learn more and continue sharing your ideas.

  3. Cielo Project

    This upscale, multi-family housing project is located at the southeast corner of University Avenue and 61st Avenue.

  4. Northern Stacks

    Industrial redevelopment at 4800 East River Road.

  5. TriLand Development

    Fridley Market on University has an updated look and feel as it is being revitalized with new business. We welcome Duluth Trading Co. and Teppanyaki Grill to the area. Construction is underway for additional retail between McDonalds and Holiday.

  6. 5300 Central

    New retail opens on Central Ave at 53rd.

  7. Osborne Road Corridor Study

    Anoka County is considering transportation improvement options for the stretch of Osborne Road from University Ave (TH 47) to "Old" Cedar Avenue (CSAH 35).