K-9 Unit

Fridley Police K-9 Officers
Sergeant Chris McClish and K-9 Nitro
K-9 Nitro is an 85-pound German Shepherd born and raised in Czech Republic. K-9 Nitro arrived in the United States in 2009.

K-9 Nitro is a dual purpose police dog, and is certified in narcotics detection and Police Dog 1 by the United States Police K9 Association (USPCA).  K-9 Nitro has received training in obedience, suspect search, agility course, article search , narcotics detection, crowd control and criminal apprehension.  He is also trained to detect the 4 major illegal street narcotics.  Those narcotics include: marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.

K-9 Nitro has won some awards as well for his outstanding work.  Some of the awards include Top Dog in class, 1st Place in Obedience, and 5th place Region 12 Team.  K-9 Nitro was one of only three rookie dogs that qualified for the United States Police Canine Association National K-9 Trials held in Detroit Lakes, MN in 2011.  K-9 Nitro continues to perform very well while on-duty, and has been a great asset to the police department and community he serves.

When not on-duty, K-9 Nitro stays with Sgt. McClish at his residence.  At home, K-9 Nitro loves to play in the backyard and loves to play with his large jolly ball and kong. K-9 Nitro is always up for a game of tug-of-war or fetch, and loves to lay down near his squad car parked in the garage; waiting for his next patrol shift on the streets.

Welcome Jax!
Officer Tom Roddy and K-9 Jax

K-9 Jax joins our police department at the young age of two-and-a-half. He is currently in training with Officer Roddy, who joined Fridley Police in 2007. Officer Roddy is thrilled with his new partner and Jax will be ready to start protecting and serving this fall.

K-9 Jax is a Malinois (also known as a Belgium Shepherd) and, like fellow K-9 Nitro, comes from the Czech Republic where he was bred and raised specifically for public service. Upon completion of training, Jax will be certified through the United State Police Canine Association, and will be skilled in narcotic detection, tracking, trailing, article search and apprehension. 

Look for more on K-9 Jax's work in our community in the coming year!

Retired K-9s


K-9 Kona

Years of service: 2009 - 2015

Kona was the first canine in the history of the City of Fridley Police Department and proudly served for six years.  Kona was eight years old when he retired from law enforcement due to increasing age and declining health.  Kona now lives with his police officer handler and his family.

Thank you Kona for your service to the citizens of Fridley.

Kona Retired