Bird Banding

Bird Banding 7

Springbrook's Bird Banding Programs 

Help capture and release wild birds for this banding research program. Hold in your hand cardinals, chickadees, robins, and more as they are released. The birds are measured, weighed, examined for fat and other health indicators, aged and sexed (if possible), fitted with a light-weight band with a unique number on it and then released. Springbrook's bird banding project is one of the longest and continual bird banding projects in Minnesota. 

8/14/16 6:30 am
9/4/16 7:00 am
9/25/16 7:00 am
10/16/16 7:30 am
11/6/16 7:30 am
12/4/16 7:30 am
1/8/17 7:30 am


Introduction to Bird Banding

Learn about our long-running SNC Bird Banding program and participate alongside our bird banding experts.  A naturalist will explain the scientific benefits of bird banding, the history of the SNC program, and the procedure of how birds get banded. There is no fee for this program.       
Fall dates are:

9/25 9 am
10/16 9 am
11/6 9 am
12/4 9 am