City Activities    

The Parks and Recreation Department proudly offers a comprehensive year-round recreational activity program for residents of all ages. The department staff facilitates and initiates opportunities in recreation, leisure, enrichment and social pursuits. You can find more information about the programs offered through the City by selecting from the Activities menu on the right.

Other Groups

Programs offered to residents by other groups or organizations include:

On-Line Registration

Registration for spring recreation activities begins February 14th for Fridley residents.  Brochures are available upon request or you can view our on-line brochure .  After reviewing our brochure, or viewing our website, you will be able to register on-line for most programs using a VISA or MasterCard for payment.
If you would like to take advantage of on-line registration, listed below are a few guidelines to help you get started.

Existing Customer?
If you have an account with us, but you've never used this site, please click here. First-time users will use their phone number as their user name and their last name as their password - this will find you in our system.

Never Registered with Us?
If you're a brand new patron with us, please click here to register for a new account. You will be brought to a household/participant information form.  Areas in red must be completed.

Primary Guardian:  This is also the head of household (ex., self, mother, father).

Date of Birth: This allows us to know if the participant is in the correct age group for the program.

Secondary Guardian: This could be a parent, spouse, other, or left blank.

Primary E-mail Address: The e-mail address you would like us to send your confirmations and other notices to.

Home/Cell/Work Phone: In case of cancellations it is helpful for us to have as many ways to reach you as possible. If you use your cell phone as your home phone, enter it as your home phone AND cell phone.

Mailing Address: This is a required field which allows us to contact you if necessary. In most cases we will contact you by e-mail (unless you opt out of e-mail notifications).

  Ways to contact us:


Recreation Activities (Youth, Adult & Family Events): 763-572-3570 - 6431 University Avenue NE

Senior (older adult) Activities: 763-502-5150 - 6085 7th Street NE

Nature Center Activities: 763-572-3588 - 100 85th Avenue NE

Park Maintenance: 763-572-3566 - 400 71st Avenue NE