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1. Cost: Will the existing neighbors pay for the new roads?
2. Design: Will all Public Works vehicles and equipment be inside the building?
3. Design: Will the water pump house stay?
4. Design: Why not push patio homes to the east?
5. Design: What is the separation between patio homes?
6. Design: Will the amphitheater duplicate that at Springbrook?
7. Design: Can the grade of University Ave be lowered for fire access?
8. Design: How many parking stalls would be at City Hall?
9. Design: How many people will the housing add to the area?
10. Design: Will the walls of the Public Works Building be designed so they don't look so large?
11. Design: Will environmental amenities be considered like solar power and light pollution?
12. Design: Will the buildings look like those at the Cielo project?
13. Environmental: Will permeable pavers be used?
14. Environmental: Will the pond result in excessive geese in the park?
15. Fire: Will response times to the south part of the City be jeopardized?
16. Parks: The soccer fields are a desirable amenity for the city. Will they be replaced elsewhere?
17. Parks: Should we be concerned about impact to Locke Park?
18. Playground: What impact will there be to Woodcrest Church and its use of the park?
19. Process: Why not call for a referendum?
20. Schedule: What is next?
21. Schedule: If approved, when would groundbreaking begin?
22. Schedule: When would patio homes be available to purchase?
23. Traffic: Can 71st access at University? Will there be access to 73rd through the development to ease backups on 69th?
24. Traffic: Will Rice Creek Blvd be open to the new streets in the development?
25. Zoning: What will the setback be for patio homes from 69th?
26. Zoning: What is the distance allowed between apartments and patio homes?