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1. Have we considered the impact of the development on the intersection of 69th and University? It already can take two passes of the signal to get on University if it is backed up.
2. Will the Fire Department be boxed in?
3. Travel Distance seems great if MnDOT says no to an emergency crossing. Is that a problem?
4. Is the water feature also the storm water pond?
5. What happens if the project goes to a reverse referendum and the vote is infavorable?
6. What happens to the soccer program?
7. What is a screen wall?
8. Will the patio homes be privately owned or rented?
9. Some plans show 15 patio homes and others show 18 patio homes, which is correct?
10. How many housing units will occupy the east and southern portion of the site, north of the new parkway?
11. Have plans been finalized for a road to connect 71st Avenue to 73rd Avenue?
12. What is the Gathering Room?
13. Will the amphitheater have large concerts?
14. Is there enough parking without a parking deck?
15. What is the area that looks to be a patterned parking area that is labeled "food truck and farmers market"?
16. Why can't you simply put a little money in the existing City Hall?
17. What is the best use of taxpayer dollars considering all options?