Smoke Detectors Save Lives: Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives!
A simple push of a button once every month could mean the difference between life and death.


  • Install. (Every level, every bedroom and outside each sleeping area).
  • Interconnect. (When one sounds, they all should.)
  • Test. (One finger – one simple push of a button.)
  • Replace. (10 years or if they don’t pass the test.)
  • Educate. (Be familiar with the sound and have an action plan.)

Thank you to the 300+ visitors who came to this year's Fire Open House! Check out our video!







Burglary 600 Block Ironton St N.E.

Between 8:00pm on September 29th and 9:15pm on September 30th a residence was burglarized in the 600 block fo Ironton St NE.  pdfClick Here484.96 KB for full Crime Alert. 

Burglary 1200 block Hillwind Rd N.E.

On 10/3/2014 between 8:00am and 2:45pm there was a burglary at a residence in the 1200 block fo Hillwind Rd NE.  pdfClick Here 511.29 KB for full Crime Alert.

2015 Street Rehabilitation Project ST2015-01

Property Owner Questionnaire: Complete survey online before October 28:

This questionaire is for informational purposes only.

pdfThis survey can be downloaded here17.48 KB, and emailed back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or sent via mail or dropped off at Fridley City Hall.

pdfProperty owners are invited to attend our Open House on October 29. Click Here for Details.374.41 KB

pdfMap of project area239.49 KB

Engineering Department
Fridley City Hall
6431 University Avenue NE
Fridley, MN 55432

Rainwater Note:

III. Curb Cut Raingarden Installation
Some properties on the uphill side of storm drains or in the middle of a slope may be well suited to specialized sunken garden areas called raingardens for installation in the boulevard area. The City Curb Cut Raingarden program provides advice, a planting design plan, concrete curb cut, excavation and bark mulch. You provide plants and install them and take care of the new garden. The raingarden absorbs stormwater and your lakes and the Mississippi will thank you! If you are interested in a rain garden contact Kay Qualley @ 763-572-3594 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can be ready for construction season.

Fridley Fire Day at Dairy Queen!



Thank You Local Businesses in North Industrial Area

Road Construction Complete - Thank You Businesses

The City is pleased to announce street improvements in the North Industrial Area are finished. This mixed-use area combines retail, office, manufacturing and truck transport in the area from Burlington Northern Railroad on the west, University Avenue on the east, 83rd Avenue on the north and South Commerce Lane on the south.

After meeting with property owners and tenants, we designed the project with your needs and concerns in mind. The scope of the project included: 

*Milling and paving 3.4 miles of streets

*Replacing 2,200 feet of water main

*Upgrading sewers

*Curb repairs

*Utility upgrades

The final cost for the project was within the budget; street work is $1,100,000 and utility work is $450,000. The street cost will be paid using a combination of special assessments and MSAS funding according to City policy. The utility work is paid entirely with their respective utility funding. CenterPoint Energy replaced some gas main line and services. Xcel upgraded a buried cable and extended new aerial service to a business owner.

As the project unfolded, we kept communication lines open to minimize the headaches often associated with large construction projects. Staff provided notices and updates through mailings, door hangings and postings on the City’s website. Moving forward, the City will begin to utilize social media in these types of projects as well.

The City would like to thank the businesses and residents of Fridley for putting up with the inconvenience of detours throughout the project. If you should have questions or comments, please contact Assistant Public Works Director Layne Otteson at 763-572-3551 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Join Neighbors & Public Safety at NextDoor

Neighborhood Watch Goes Digital

In this age of instant, digital communications, the Fridley Police want to make sure we are using every resource at our disposal to keep neighborhoods safe and connected. We are taking the next step in that effort.


What is

This is a social network specifically designed for neighborhoods, and an excellent platform for police and other safety officials to communicate directly with residents.

What does it cost?

Nothing! It is free for both residents and the Police Department.

Why should I sign up?

Currently, crime alerts are notices are sent from the Police to neighborhood block captains by phone call, flyer or email. Then the captains contact neighbors. This takes time. Using Nextdoor allows for instant, two-way communication. It will improve citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications and help all of us build safer communities.

Is it safe/private?

Nextdoor was specifically designed to make neighbors feel comfortable sharing information with one another. All members must verify that they live within the neighborhood. Information shared on Nextdoor is password-protected and cannot be accessed by those outside the neighborhood or found on search engines. Neighborhoods establish and self-manage their own Nextdoor websites and the Police Department will not be able to access residents’ websites, contact information, or content, but will be able to post safety tips, crime alerts and other important information to Nextdoor websites within the city.

How do I sign up?

Please join your neighbors and the Fridley Police Department in building a stronger, safer Fridley today. Those interested in joining their neighborhood’s Nextdoor website can visit and enter their address.


Fire Inspections = Education & Prevention

Fire Inspections = Education & Prevention

Every 23 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the nation. (September 2013 report from the National Fire Protection Association.) In keeping with the City’s efforts to educate residents and businesses, the Fridley Fire Department is doing their part by putting more concentrated efforts into fire inspections. “Our goal,” explains Fire Chief Jon Berg, “is to visit every commercial building in the city. This effort could save businesses money in the long run.”

In 2011 talks were underway to implement routine fire inspections. Before those plans were put into action, an explosion at Kurt Manufacturing caused over $2 million in damages. This is an employee-owned company with 100 workers on premises at any given time. Half of the building had a sprinkler system, but due to a residue on the sprinkler heads, several were not triggered from the fire, something that may have been caught during a routine inspection. Fortunately, no one was hurt and those sprinkler heads that were activated saved the building from total loss. Working with insurance and the Fridley Fire Department, Kurt Manufacturing is still thriving today and has installed a new sprinkler system that completely covers both of their buildings.

It was shortly after this event that Fridley took an active role in commercial fire prevention efforts.

For several years, due to financial circumstances and manpower shortages, fire inspections of commercial and industrial properties took a backseat to more pressing city issues. That changed in 2012 with the hiring of Matt Field who took on a 24-hour per week role as Fire Marshal. That summer he began an aggressive effort to resume inspections. In those first few months of catchup, Matt was able to visit about 25% of Fridley commercial and industrial properties (259 initial inspections and 223 re-inspections) starting with those properties who had complaints on file or open permits. As of today, Matt has been inside every commercial and industrial building in the city. The goal is to inspect every one of these properties at least once every three years.

The Fire Marshal provides an essential resource to Police and Fire. A new public data safety system is being launched this fall. Within this system, we will have the ability to track corrections to better monitor ongoing issues or safety concerns. In addition, the Fire Marshal will be able to input specific information on each commercial business such as floor plans and locations of important items such as electrical rooms, sprinklers, alarms, nearest hydrants and more. This information will go to those arriving on the scene, whether it is police or fire, while they are in route and could save valuable time in an emergency.

MattFieldweb“Matt is a problem-solver,” says Chief Berg. “Our whole reason in doing this is education.” The Fire Marshal, with the assistance of the entire department, makes it a priority to be open and available to building owners for advice, planning and discussions. Remodels and expansions are a great opportunity to seek advice before plans are designed. When Plunkett’s recently added on a second building, they first talked to the Fridley Fire about what would be required to stay up to code and keep their employees safe, even before the plans were submitted. It is this type of open-door policy that makes Fridley unique.

“Many times there are small housekeeping things,” explains Field. “There may be a better, safer way of doing things that could benefit you. I have never met anybody that doesn’t want their employees to be safe. The goal is to not have a fire, but if that bad day happens, we want to make it a little better.” Field sees his role as a partner with local businesses. Sometimes the safety hazard is as simple as changing a light in an exit sign or notifying the department if the business has changed locks.

When Field first started with Fridley, he did a walkthrough at 7800 Elm Street that housed 4 different businesses at the time. There were a number of issues found, including a major one regarding the security of the sprinkler values. They were able to address that immediate problem, but unfortunately a fire did break out before many of the concerns were corrected. The result was more than a half of million dollar loss affecting all 4 businesses. However, that one valve change did save the entire building from destruction. There is now a new, viable business in that building. More time could have made an even bigger difference, and that is the benefit of prevention efforts.old sprinklerhead

Totino Grace is another great example of partnership. Shortly before the school year started, they completed the installation of an automatic sprinkler system in every area of the school. It was a five year planning process to budget and work out, including multiple meetings with the Fire Department, but in the end children are safer for it. “If a fire were to happen now,” says Field, “it would be very limited and very small. They would be able to continue educating.”

Without safety, businesses are at risk; and without those businesses to build our community, our quality of life changes. Safe, good schools attract people and increase home values. We are all connected. It is the Fire Marshal’s intent to make a positive impact. “We want to prevent loss of life, damage to property, loss of income, even loss of value for resale or the surrounding area,” says Field. “I don’t want your loved ones or employees to get hurt, and those are my friends and family that will be coming to help if a fire does start. I don’t want to see them in danger either. What affects one, affects many.” In 2015, the department hopes to open a full-time Fire Marshal position which would enable more time for preventative efforts, education and investigation.


Recreational Fire Rules


While the burning of trash or brush is generally not allowed in Fridley except under rare circumstances defined in Chapter 108.12 of the Fridley City Code, recreational fires are allowed in Fridley as long as the fire is in a contained area, such as an outdoor fire pit, which is not larger than 3' in diameter and as long as those hosting these fires comply with the following rules:

· No fires are allowed between Midnight and 9:00 a.m.

· Only clean wood or charcoal may be burned. This means no burning of trash, leaves and brush. (For information on yard waste disposal please contact the Bunker Hills Compost Site at 763-767-7964. They are located at 13285 Hanson Blvd in Coon Rapids, MN or visit the Anoka County website.

· The ground within 5' of the fire pit or other contained area must be cleared of all combustible material.

· The fire pit or other contained area must be at least 25' away from a structure.

This distance may be reduced to within 15' of a structure when contained in an outdoor fireplace or container approved by the Fire Chief.

· Recreational fires may not be started on windy days when smoke may create a nuisance for neighbors.

· The fire must be attended by an adult from the time it is ignited until it is fully extinguished.

· Fire extinguishing equipment, such as a garden hose, must be readily available to put out the fire.

· All other rules contained in Chapter 108.12 of the Fridley City Code.

While not a part of the law, as a matter of practice, we ask that those having recreational fires check with their neighbors to determine whether or not there are objections to these fires. If Fire Department staff does get calls from neighbors who are bothered by the smoke from a recreational fire, firefighters will ask that the fire be extinguished. In all cases we ask that you call 911 to register your complaints.

Fridley Fire Department staff will respond to complaints about recreational fires between 9:00 a.m. and Midnight. In most cases residents will be asked to extinguish fires that are not legal or a nuisance. On rare occasions, firefighters will extinguish the fire and/or issue a citation. After Midnight and prior to 9:00 a.m., police officers will respond to recreational fire complaints.

Unless a multi family residence has an approved gas fired or electric barbeque grill that is permanently mounted and wired or plumbed to the buildings gas supply, or electrical system, charcoal grills and gas grills are not allowed on the balconies of structures containing three or more dwelling units. They may also not be located on the ground floor patios of these properties unless they are located more than 15' from the structure. Fuel storage is also prohibited in structures having three or more dwelling units.

We hope this information helps residents who are planning outdoor recreational fires and other residents who may have concerns about a neighbor's recreational fires. In both cases, we welcome your comments and questions. If residents have questions about recreational fires during weekdays, they may contact Fire Department staff at 572-3613. Alternatively, you may email your comments and/or questions to the Fridley Fire Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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