How can I get my fire extinguisher serviced or charged?

The Fridley Fire Department is no longer a drop off location for having fire extinguishers serviced.

For information on how to have them serviced please refer to a local directory such as the yellow pages or on-line search.

Types of Fire Extinguishers - What type of extinguisher should you purchase?

Class A-B-C - "Multi-purpose" used on all types of A,B or C fires found in most homes.

Class A - "Ordinary Combustibles" for use on wood, rubber, cloth, paper and plastic.

Class B - "Flammable Combustibles" used on gasoline, oil, grease, tar, lacquer, and oil-based paints.

Class C - "Electrical Equipment" used on wiring, fuse boxes, breakers, machinery, and appliances.

Class D - "Combustible Metals" used on industrial metal or metal dust.

Consider the ages and physical strength of your family members. Make sure the extinguisher can be picked up and operating by the intended users. Do not encourage children to use extinguishers.

Consider the types of fire your home is susceptible to and then choose the size or class of extinguisher that is needed.

Each home needs at least one extinguisher, centrally located and out of the reach of children. Consider additional extinguishers for the kitchen and garage.

The extinguisher you purchase should be listed and labeled by an independent testing laboratory.

Over time an extinguisher can lose pressure. Be sure to check it once a month. Periodically inspect extinguishers for damage such as corrosion, dents, or other signs of leaks. If it is rechargeable, you can take it to a service center or bring it to the Fridley Fire Station located at 6431 University Ave. NE. The fire department has loaner extinguishers for you to borrow while yours is being serviced. You will generally get the extinguisher back within one week.

Extinguisher Operation

When a small fire breaks out have someone else call the fire department immediately. If you are unable to put out the fire, valuable time will not be wasted.

Use the PASS word!

Pull the pin to unlock the fire extinguisher

Aim at the base (bottom) of the fire and stand 6-10 feet away

Squeeze the lever to discharge the agent

Sweep the spray from left to right until the flames are totally extinguished

Most extinguishers for home use discharge in as little as 8-10 seconds and must be replaced or recharged after each use.

For information on disposing of old fire extinguishers

Extinguisher Disposal 


Do you have questions about propane tanks, other compressed gas cylinders, or fire extinguishers? Call Anoka County Integrated Waste Management at (763) 323-5730, Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.