The City of Fridley’s Energy Goals:

By 2020, we will reduce community energy use 5 percent. By 2030, we will reduce community energy use 20 percent. 

You can help us get there!

The City of Fridley is participating in Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program to reduce the community’s energy use and help residents save money. The city and its energy team, comprised of residents, businesses and local institutions developed an Energy Action Plan that set energy goals for Fridley residents, businesses, and institutions. View the City’s full Energy Action Plan and read below to find out how you can help.

Section 1. Energy Conservation at Home

Section 2. Business Energy Efficiency

Section 3. Faith, Fellowship and Environmental Stewardship

Section 4. Renewable Energy Options

Section 5. Activities for Kids

Section 6. Electric Vehicles

Energy Conservation at Home

New! Start your energy conservation improvements with the Fridley Energy and Water Savings Kit. Each kit includes tools designed to help you identify items that inefficiently use energy and water while saving on utility costs. Contents of the kit include:

  • Electricity Usage Monitor - used to show the energy consumption of devices and appliances.
  • Thermal Leak Detector Gun - helps locate drafty windows, doors, and walls by measuring heat loss or gain.
  • Toilet Leak Detection Tablets - identifies if a leak is present in your toilet, which may lead to considerable water usage. Yours to keep.
  • LED Light Bulb Kit - efficient light bulbs that provide high-quality lighting for a variety of fixtures - yours to keep.

If you are interested in checking out the Fridley Energy and Water Savings Kit, contact Rachel Workin, Environmental Planner, at 763-572-3594 or to set up a pick-up date or join a waitlist. Kits can be picked up at Fridley City Hall at 7071 University Avenue NE. All kits must be returned to City Hall within three weeks of your pick-up date.

Follow these steps to cut costs and increase your home’s efficiency and year-round comfort:

Step 1. Sign up for an Enhanced Home Energy Squad Visit®

Help us reduce our community’s energy use and save money on your utility bills. The Fridley HRA is paying ½ the cost for a Home Energy Squad visit. Call 651-328-6220 or learn more and sign up online. The first step is a free virtual visit with the Home Energy Squad (HES). During a virtual visit, an energy consultant will guide customers on a walk-through assessment of their homes via video chat. They will receive energy-saving tips to start saving energy right away and recommendations for next steps. If the virtual visit team thinks your home could benefit from an in-home visit they can connect you to the best visit for your needs. There are two types of in-home visits: 

Energy Saver Visit

Intended for houses 2000 and newer, mobile homes, condos and renters. A two-person team will come to your home and:
- Install energy saving materials such as: LED lightbulbs, door and attic hatch weather stripping, programmable thermostat, and high efficient water fixtures.
- Water heater temperature assessment and adjustment
- Help with next steps

Energy Planner Visit

Recommended for homes built before 2000. A two-person team will come to your home and:
- Install energy saving materials such as: LED lightbulbs, door and attic hatch weather stripping, programmable thermostat, and high efficient water fixtures.
- Perform a blower door test to measure your home for air leaks.
- Complete an insulation inspection of your attic and walls using an infrared camera.
- Perform a safety test on your home's heating system and water heater.
- Help with next steps.


For some you will go right from our virtual visit and be connected to a team of energy advisors. Others will be connected to the advisors after your in-home visit. If your home has an opportunity for significant savings through larger home improvement projects such as additional insulation, attic air sealing, or replacing old heating equipment, the energy advisors make these larger steps easy by connecting you with a vetted list of qualified contractors, specialized financing and utility rebates.

Have questions after your visit? Contact the energy advisors at 612-244-2484 or

Register online or call the Center for the Energy of Environment at 651-328-6220.

Free Home Energy Squad visits are available to eligible qualifying residents.

HES logo

Step 2. Maximize efficiency using available utility programs and rebates

Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy offer programs to increase your home’s efficiency and rebates to help with upfront costs on energy efficient equipment.

Xcel Energy Rebates: Rebates for energy efficient equipment, such as an air conditioner, ground source heat pump, ECM motor as part of a new furnace, or ductless mini-split heat pump.

CenterPoint Energy Rebates: Rebates are available for energy-efficient furnaces, insulation and air sealing, and natural appliances.

Step 3. Use low-cost financing for energy upgrades
Many energy projects pay for themselves quickly due to reduced energy costs; the City of Fridley also offers financing for home improvements – without income qualifications. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $50,000 to fit any size project. Affordable payment terms up to 20 years for 1-4 unit homes.

Visit our financing webpage to learn more.

Business Energy Efficiency 

Save Energy- Save Money-Boost Your Bottom Line

The City of Fridley has great tools to help you – energy efficiency and saving money have never been easier.

Step 1. Get a free assessments for lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration upgrades.
Improving lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration systems are an easy way for businesses to cut costs.

For lighting and HVAC upgrades: The One-Stop Efficiency Shop® is a full-service rebate program that helps building owners choose more efficient equipment. Services include a free assessment, a detailed report with recommendations, savings and financing options, relationship management with the contractor, and submission of the rebate paperwork.

Call 612-244-2427 or visit

For refrigeration upgrades: Refrigeration systems can be the main source of energy use in grocery, liquor, and convenience stores. Xcel Energy offers free on-site refrigeration assessments. Learn how to reduce energy use and receive complimentary energy-saving products on the spot.

Call 612-455-7803 or visit

Step 2. Receive rebates to help your project – and your building – run efficiently
There are energy efficiency opportunities in almost all parts of a commercial building.  Utility rebates can make integrating energy efficiency into your project even more cost effective by helping you save money on upfront costs.

Learn more by visiting and

Step 3. Need a deeper dive into your energy use?
Schedule an Xcel Energy Turn Key Services assessment. This full-service program includes an on-site energy assessment and free implementation services to help your business make energy efficiency improvements.

Call 855-839-8862 or visit       

Starting a large project? Get special help  for free before you start a major renovation or new construction
For new construction or renovation projects, contact Xcel Energy before the start of your construction to ensure you’re receiving the money-saving rebates, free services, and upfront incentives available for your business.


Faith, Fellowship, and Environmental Stewardship

Congregations like yours are trusted leaders who are essential to our community sustainability goals. Fridley invites you to be a leader in faith, fellowship, and environmental stewardship.

Step 1. Form a green team
Green teams are a great way to promote environmental stewardship in your worship facility and with your congregation. Here are some tips on forming a team:

  • Establish a purpose: Is the green team’s focus increasing sustainability in the worship facility or promoting environmental stewardship to the congregants? Both? 
  • Find a champion: Identify someone who will help lead this effort and offer valuable insight.
  • Solicit interest: Solicit interest using a bulletin or newsletter to see if any congregants are interested
  • Form the team: Use an existing small group or committee structure – don’t recreate the wheel.
  • Set goals: Work with your champion or other interested congregants to understand the purpose of the green team. Setting goals or milestones can help focus the group on what activities they do in their first few months of formation. 

The City of Fridley is here to help. Contact Rachel Workin, Environmental Planner with the City of Fridley for materials or general questions. Contact Rachel by phone at 763-572-3594 or email

Step 2. Sign up for a free assessment
EnerChange offers a free walk-through assessment for nonprofits that includes a total building review and tailored recommendations for energy-saving improvements in your worship facility. EnerChange also helps identify financing options.

Call 952-562-8697 or visit

Step 3. Use rebates to save on up-front costs
Utilities offer a variety of rebates to help make the decision to upgrade easier. From LED lighting to heating and cooling or food service equipment, it’s cost-effective to make your worship facility more energy efficient. 

Learn more by visiting and

Looking for inspiration from others?
Check out these case studies from other congregations about what actions they took towards energy stewardship.

Renewable Energy Options

You can decrease your carbon footprint and support solar and wind energy production.There are different opportunities for residents, businesses, and nonprofits to source some or all of their energy from renewable sources:

Renewable Energy Subscriptions: Renewable energy subscriptions are a great opportunity to access renewable energy without installing equipment on your home or building.

  • Xcel Energy’s Windsource®: Xcel Energy’s Windsource is a renewable energy subscription program that allows customers to source some or all of their electricity from wind energy. Sign up at
  • Community Solar Gardens: Subscribe to renewable energy with a community solar garden. You will receive a monthly bill credit based on how large your subscription amount is. Use CERT's Solar Garden Directory to find a garden operator and a list of questions to ask before subscribing.

On-site Renewable Solar Energy: The City of Fridley is committed to encouraging the use of solar power as an efficient and cost-saving alternative to fossil fuels. Please visit the solar page to learn more about the solar installation process, financing options, and requirements for solar energy systems in Fridley.

Activities for Kids

Energy is all around us- use the resources on this page to learn about energy around your home and your world!

Make your own energy pinwheel

Energy coloring sheet

Do an energy scavenger hunt

Energy scavenger hunt - ANSWER KEY

Visit the energy classroom for more fun activities and lesson plans. 

Electric Vehicles

Many drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles. Here are some reasons why you should consider going electric:

  • Public charging options are more readily available and growing.
  • They’re less expensive to fuel because electricity prices are cheaper than gas.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions, especially as the electric grid is made from more renewable soruces
  • Reduced maintenance costs saves money on oil changes, tune-ups, and parts.
  • Federal tax credits, local vehicle incentives, and a growing inventory of used vehicles help make EVs more affordable.
  • They’re smooth-shifting with powerful acceleration and a quiet motor
Types of EV

Charging your Electric Vehicle

Visit Xcel Energy’s electric vehicles resource page for simple steps to make sure you’re ready to charge your vehicle at home or on the go. Depending on the amount you drive, a standard wall plug may be sufficient. If you're looking for a faster charge, an electrician can help install a 240-volt outlet.

You Can Charge With Clean Energy

You have the option to get some or all of your energy from renewable sources. Xcel Energy’s Windsource® gives you the option to pay a little extra every month to get as much wind energy as you want to fuel your vehicle. To get more info and complete the online application, visit Xcel Energy’s Windsource page.

Did you know there's an EV fast-charger in Fridley?

Check out this map to find a place to plug in.