University Avenue and Highway 65 Corridor Development

MnDOT Invites Community to University/Central Avenue Study Meetings July 12-28

Share Your Vision for University and Central Avenues! MnDOT will hold 8 public meetings (4 in-person and 4 on Zoom) from July 12-28 to hear from residents. MnDOT wants to get reactions from people and businesses on new concepts that are being developed to improve safety for people who walk, bike, and drive along these roads. Your voice will make a difference in the future of these roads and how they support our community. Visit the study webpage to find a meeting near you

The City of Fridley will be hosting one of these meetings on Tuesday, July 12th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at Fridley City Hall. 

Report and Recommendations

A summary report and final recommendations has been prepared by Twin Cities LISC and will be presented to the City Council on June 24th. You can view the report on the Final Report (PDF).

Community input has been gathered through a series of four workshops to guide the future development and improvements of University Avenue and Highway 65. Following the fourth and final workshop, a document and final recommendations was put together to reflect the outcomes of the community input sessions.

Please read through the final recommendations document and submit your comments through the online form by May 15, 2019

These results, along with the recommendations and summary report of the process will be presented Fridley City Council and Planning Commission, as well as Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

Advisory Group Meetings

The City of Fridley and Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) held four community meetings to gather input for the future design of University Avenue and Highway 65 in Fridley. The workshops allowed residents to give their feedback on the community's goals and priorities from a livability and transportation standpoint, aesthetics for the city, corridor design for businesses and more. 

The four workshops were held on February 21, March 7 and 21, and April 4 at the Fridley Civic Campus. 

  • Workshop I focused on gathering information to learn about what is important and unique about each of the roadways, concerns about mobility and aesthetics, and possible improvements. 
  • Workshop II involved a street design options exercise where residents worked with design and transportation experts to create options for the roadways. 
  • Workshop III was a panel discussion to learn from other cities who have had similar produces to learn about opportunities and challenges. 
  • Workshop IV was the final workshop and had attendees contribute to the create of the street design recommendations that will be presented to Fridley City Council, Fridley Planning Commission and MnDOT. 


All documents below are in PDF format.