Fire Corps Volunteers

Fire Corp logo The Fire Division is excited to launch a new program beginning in the winter 2021 known as Fire Corps. Fire Corps is a nationally recognized program founded under the National Volunteer Fire Council. The Fridley Fire Corps is meant for adults who desire to make a difference in their community.

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What is a Fire Corps Volunteer?

Fire Corps volunteers work alongside Fridley firefighters completing functions such as:

  • Photography, 
  • Data-entry, 
  • Community outreach, 
  • Arson investigations, 
  • Education,
  • Special events, 
  • Training,
  • And more. 

Fire Corps is meant for individuals who have a desire to serve in a capacity other than firefighting or emergency medical services. This opportunity is perfect for older adults with prior public service or anyone interested in learning more about emergency services and a passion to better our community.

Fire Corps members are issued a department uniform and equipment necessary to complete their volunteer work. No prior experience or training is necessary, though we look to utilize current skills and experience for a similar role within the Fire Division.  


Fire Corps volunteers are required to attend monthly meetings and agree to volunteer 8 additional hours a month to help with their desired task. Members must have a clean criminal history and satisfactory driving record, confirmed by a background check. Fire Corps volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and have a connection to Fridley either by residence, occupation, or service work. No previous fire or EMS experience is necessary, nor the desire to become a firefighter or EMT/Paramedic.

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Learn more about the program on the National Volunteer Fire Council website or contact our Deputy Director/Fire Chief, Maddison Zikmund, or 763-572-3610