Moore Lake Park


Address 5890 Central Avenue
Start date August 2023
End date November 2023
Current status Implementation Planning
Park Type Community Park
Size 143 Acres
Special Use Lakeshore Recreation

Current Status

Residents recently had the opportunity to help decide the specific pieces of playground equipment at the park. Feedback was collected online via survey and at an in-park community meeting on Tuesday, August 16. Attendees voted on different playground designs and discussed additional ideas for the park. 

The feedback collected will help decide what equipment to order for construction in 2023.

Construction of a Biochar and Iron Enhanced Sand Filter is underway to improve the water quality of East Moore Lake. Learn more below under Water Quality Improvements.

  1. Project summary & Concept Plans


A refined concept plan for Moore Lake was developed focusing on the initial design intent for passive recreation for picnics and gatherings, as well as lakeshore activities. Enhancing Moore Lake Park as an iconic community gateway was recognized as a top priority. Other strategies to improve the park were related to improved water quality in order for water-related recreation to be more successful. 

Recommendations include:

  • Improved and expanded picnic opportunities
  • Water-related activities to include paddle rental kiosk and storage with boarding dock
  • Park pavilion (location and size to be determined based on flood zones) with rental meeting room, restrooms and potential vending area
  • Improved parking areas
  • Basketball court
  • Flexible open lawn spaces
  • Naturalized spaces suitable for occasional flooding and stormwater storage
  • New playground meeting a broader range of ages and abilities 
  • Optional natural play space 
  • Lakeside seating and viewing area 
  • Improved trail connections and internal loops
  • Incorporating landscaping and public art 


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