Ed Wilmes Park


Address 150 - 64 1/2 Way NE
Start Date Summer 2023
End Date Fall 2023
Current Status Implementation Planning
Park Type Mini Park
Size 0.6  Acres
Special Use None

Current Status

Residents recently had the opportunity to help decide the specific pieces of playground equipment at the park. Feedback was collected online via survey and at an in-park community meeting on Tuesday, August 16. Attendees voted on different playground designs and discussed additional ideas for the park. 

The feedback collected will help decide what equipment to order for construction in 2023.

  1. Project summary & Concept Plans


General recommendations include redevelopment with some minor layout modifications and replace existing amenities as needs dictate.

Recommendations include:

  • Replace playground equipment as necessary with modified container
  • ADA compliant playground surfacing (engineered wood fiber)
  • Concrete playground border
  • New concrete walks
  • Potentially add a half basketball court with smaller court overlays (hopscotch, four-square, etc.)
  • Small arbor or picnic shelter with two tables and and outlet
  • Site furnishings with common characteristics (benches, tables, receptacles, bike racks, etc.)
  • Optional ornamental planting area with signage identifying the parks name
  • Potential water management area
  • Security light


Playground Design


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Current Conditions

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