Summit Square Park


Address 5201 Capitol Street NE
Start Date 2026-2027
End Date TBD
Current Status Implementation Planning
Park Type Neighborhood Park
Size 1 acre
Special Uses Underground Infiltration Basin

Current Status

This neighborhood park services neighborhood #39 but also helps to service neighborhood #35. It is somewhat hidden in the neighborhood and is split onto two separate lots with an undersized full basketball court and playground on the north lot and a single tennis court and lawn on the south lot. The south lot also contains an underground infiltration basin structure that prohibits improvements above it.


General recommendations includes replacement of existing amenities as needed for an improved recreational experience with a stronger visual connection to tie the separate parcels together.

Recommendations include:

  • Park sign at corner of Hughes and Horizon
  • Landscape enhancements & screening
  • Low-grow lawns in select areas
  • New trail connections between the two park parcels (remove some hedge plants)
  • Replace playground equipment meeting broader range of challenge levels and age groups
  • ADA compliant playground surfacing (engineered wood fiber)
  • Concrete playground border
  • Repave basketball court (potentially enlarge)
  • Improve tennis court when necessary
  • Site furnishings with common characteristic (benches, tables, receptacles, bike racks, drinking fountain, etc.)
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Security light


View the full Summit Square Park recommendation (PDF)

Current Conditions

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