Common City Codes

Garbage cans in the front yard; flat tires on a car; some old furniture in the yard; uncut grass...Why do we care?

Decline can be infectious, but so can improvements.

When one property goes downhill, the rest of the neighborhood can rapidly lose inspiration. Likewise, when a few homeowners show pride in their property, others may follow suit.

Our goal is to educate residents and business owners in order to benefit the entire community. We do this through systematic enforcement which ensures all properties are treated equally, and we maintain clear, positive community standards.

What is Systematic Code Enforcement?

Each summer, intensive property-by-property inspections are undertaken in addition to year-round response to citizen complaints. Fridley began this practice in 1997, and the community has benefited from this proactive approach. With the hiring of a Neighborhood Preservation Specialist in the fall of 2016, both complaints and systematic code enforcement can be given more time and attention.

Common Code Issues

The placement of garbage containers and outdoor storage represents 65% of notices. Garbage/Recycling containers can be outside and visible as long as they are not in the front yard. The front yard is defined as the area between the front-most building edge and the street.

Items stored on a property must be inside a building. Code allows for neatly stacked firewood, a trailer or a boat to be stored in the side or rear yard. Items such as extension ladders, lumber and machinery are not permitted to be stored outside.

Other common violations include inoperable or unlicensed vehicles stored outside, long grass, and brush piles.

Please feel free to Email Us or call 763-572-3598 with any questions you have on city codes and enforcement/education. We are happy to help.

Report Code Violation Online Here for fastest response.

Emailed complaints may result in a slightly longer response time.

(Please note, code requirements for commercial/industrial properties differ from residential. Click here for Code Information on commercial/industrial properties.)

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