Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement

The City of Fridley enforces and maintains its comprehensive city code to uphold and improve upon the public health, safety, and welfare of the Community. Fridley takes two approaches to create stronger neighborhoods and uphold positive community standards:

  1. Educating residents on code requirements and common violations
  2. Treating properties in a fair and equal manner

Report a Violation

Visit the Fridley CitizenServe Portal or call 763-572-3598 to make an anonymous report of any potential code violations your observe. If you have questions about property maintenance requirements or code violations, contact Dan Cahill, Code Enforcement Inspector, at 763-572-3598 or


Interested in finding out if your property is compliant with common city code violations? Check out the Fridley Code Enforcement Self-Inspection Checklist.

Common Violations

  1. Outside Storage

Materials, equipment, and vehicles should be stored inside, not in the yard.

Examples of outdoor storage that is not allowed:

  • Garbage of any size, not in a closed container
    • Garbage, recycling, and compost containers may only be placed at the curb from 5:00 PM the day prior to collection to 9:00 PM the day of collection.
    • Furniture not designed for the outdoors
    • Lawn equipment or tools

Exceptions include:

  • Neatly stacked firewood (only in the side or rear yard – see diagram)
  • Private outdoor recreational equipment (e.g., playground equipment, swing sets)
  • Landscape materials and machinery being used for a current project
  • Boats, trailers, and non-motorized campers (side and rear yard only – see diagram)

Diagram of common yard terms displaying the location of the front, side, and rear yardsSee Fridley Municipal Code 205.07.06B for more information

  1. Property Maintenance
  1. Grass & Landscaping
  1. Garbage Containers
  1. Cars & Trucks
  1. Fences
  1. Signs
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  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

The Code Enforcement Process

  1. Notification

The Code Enforcement process begins when city staff receive learn about a possible code violation. Complaints could be submitted by community members. Staff might also notice an issue while they are driving through the city. 

Complaints are confidential. Anonymous complaints can be made online or by contacting the Code Enforcement Inspector at 763-572-3598. The identify of a complainant is protected under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

  1. Response
  1. Correction Timeframe
  1. Uncorrected Violations

Contact Us

Dan Cahill, Code Enforcement Inspector | 763-572-3598

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