Pay Your Utility Bill 

You are always welcome to make cash or check payments in person or by mail to Fridley City Hall. Check payments are processed electronically within 24 hours. **Automatic payments are deducted on their due date.

Please note: Effective immediately, only residential customers may pay their invoice via credit card.

Water Bill Balance

When you log in to pay your bill the balance shown is the balance owing at the time the bill file was created. The online system does not keep an updated running balance of any payments made either online or by another method.  We apologize for any confusion.  Please make sure to confirm you haven’t already made a payment before you pay again to avoid a duplicate payment.

Billing Questions?

  1. Call our Utility Billing Division at  (763) 572-3529 or email

    Fridley City Hall (7071 University Ave NE)

    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

2024 Water Rate Schedule

Based on actual quarterly consumption. Download the PDF format.

Residential Fixed Charge - $23.59

Volume (gallons) Rate per 1,000 gallons
0-8,000 $2.69
8,001-16,000 $3.09
16,001-24,000 $3.71
over 24,000 $4.63

Multi-Family Fixed Charge - $23.59

Volume (gallons) Rate per 1,000 gallons
All usage $3.09

Commercial/Non-profit Fixed Charge: Meters Less Than 1" - $23.59, Meters 1" and greater - $65.20

Volume (gallons) Rate per 1,000 gallons
0-250,000 $2.69
250,001-500,000 $3.18
500,001-1,000,000 $3.66
over 1 million $4.20

Irrigation Fixed Charge - $23.59

Volume (gallons) Rate per 1,000 gallons
All usage $4.63

2024 Sewer Rate Schedule

Property Class Consumption Basis Fixed Charge Volume Charge (per 1,000 gallons)
Residential - Includes 8,000 gallons Winter Quarter Water Usage $58.21 $7.00
Multifamily 3 units or less - includes 24,000 gallons Winter Quarter Water Usage $116.52 $7.00
Multifamily 4 units or more Current Quarter Water Usage $26.23 $7.00
Commercial/Industrial/Non-profit Current Quarter Water Usage $26.23 $7.00

2024 Storm Water Rate

The storm water drainage rate for all customers is $40.15 per acre per quarter.  Residential lots are defined to be 1/3 of an REF (Residential Equivalency Factor) acre.  This equates to $13.38 per quarter per residential lot. Commercial, multi-unit, and non-profit use different REF established multipliers for the final storm sewage calculation.

2024 Recycling Rate

The fee for recycling is $10.90 per quarter for residential dwellings.           

Garbage Collection

In Fridley, weekly garbage collection is required for all homeowners and can be set up through any of our licensed haulers. Recycling is organized by the city and billed with your quarterly water bill. 

To find currently licensed haulers, visit the CitizenServe portal and select Solid Waste Hauler License from the dropdown to view the list.

View the list of Waste Haulers