Sign Permits

Sign Permits are required for new, relocated, or redesigned exterior signs within the City of Fridley. Before a permanent sign may be constructed, the sign erector must submit an application for Contractor license to the City.

Fill out the online Sign Contractor License Application

There are two different types of signs that require a permit in Fridley - Permanent and Temporary. Certain types of signs are allowed without a permit, including small temporary signs on private property in one- and two-family residential districts.

  1. Permanent Signs - Permit Required
  2. Temporary Signs - Permit Required
  3. Signs Allowed without A Permit

A permanent sign is constructed of durable materials, including wood, acrylic, and metal. Permanent signs are durable, easily maintained, and are intended to be used for an indefinite period of time. The permit fee for a permanent sign is:

  1. $100 for wall signs
  2. $200 for free-standing signs, including free-standing Static Display Area Signage

There is no permit required to change the message on a permanent sign that has been previously approved, including approved Static Display Area Signage. Static Display Area Signage is defined as a durable, non-moving sign or grouping of signs constructed of plywood, rigid plastic, or similar durable weatherproof materials. 

(A more limited type of Static Display Area Sign was previously permitted as “Real Estate Signs” and “Construction Signs”. Now, Static Display Signs are no longer limited to properties under construction or for sale or lease.)

Apply online for a Permanent Sign Permit. 

City Sign Erector Contractor License is required before applying for a permanent sign permit.

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are prohibited throughout the City:

  1. Signs erected and displayed on any public right-of-way along streets, sidewalks and alleys, except official traffic control signs
    • Signs posted in the public right-of-way are considered abandoned property and may be removed by the City. Please report unauthorized signs in the Right of Way to the Community Development department.
  1. Signs containing obscene material
  2. Motion or flashing signs
  3. Abandoned signs or signs with obsolete sign copy

Special Requirements for Electronic Signs

Permanent Freestanding Signs may have an electronic changeable message provided:

  • The sign display does not change more than once every eight seconds.
  • The sign never flashes or has animations.

Sign Code

The Sign Code was updated in 2021, with amendments taking effect on December 11, 2021. See Chapter 214 of the City Code for the entire sign code.

To provide a reasonable interpretation of the provisions of the Sign Code, any person or business aggrieved by a decision made by the City regarding the Sign Code may appeal the decision according to the provisions in City Code Chapter 214.14: Appeals.