Code Enforcement Process

Please note that code requirements for commercial/industrial properties differ from those for residential properties. Click here for information on residential propertyor commercial/industrial property.

Land Use Zoning Administration And Code Enforcement Process

City staff notified of a possible code violation: City staff receives complaints from neighboring property owners and city employees working to keep the city clean and orderly. The Planning Department also systematically inspects entire neighborhoods for code violations as staffing permits.

City staff respond to a complaint: City staff enter each complaint in a data base. Then the staff visits the property to determine if a code has been violated. Staff will also look for other code violations at the property in question when responding to a complaint.

Property found to be in violation of code: The property owner will receive a written notice of the violation, 5 - 30 days to correct the violation depending on the type of violation. City staff will re-inspect the property to confirm resolution of the problem.

Property not cleaned up by the deadline: The property owner will receive an additional notice indicating that the property will be abated or the owner will receive a citation. With an abatement, the property owner will pay the cost of removing the materials in violation. If a citation is issued, a criminal record and court fees of at least $300 will be charged to the property owner.

Learn more: You may research the details of the City Code by topic on the web site. You can also rate your own property's compliance by going through the self-inspection checklist.


File a compliant online

Or call (763) 572-3598, to report a suspected code violation. You will need to provide the exact street address.