Commercial & Industrial City Code

Please note that code requirements for commercial/industrial properties differ from those for residential properties. View the full Fridley City Code

Outdoor Storage (various sections in the Zoning Code)

Exact requirements vary by zoning district, but in most cases motor vehicles related to the business can only be stored on the property without screening in the rear yard of the property. If the rear yard is in view from a street, park, or residential property, then screening is required. Outdoor storage of fleet vehicles is allowed as an accessory use in the M-1, Light Industrial and the M-2, Heavy Industrial zoning districts.

There are allowances in most commercial and industrial zoning districts to have equipment and materials stored outside with a special use permit. Only the M-3, Outdoor Intensive Heavy Industrial zoning district allows outdoor storage without a permit. Go to the Applications and Forms link to learn what is required for a Special Use Permit.

Fences (Section 205.04 and Chapter 213)

Fences on commercial/industrial property can be up to 8 feet high and must be installed entirely on your property. In no case, shall a fence or similar barrier impede vehicular vision or cause a hazardous condition to exist. Fences that are over 7 feet high do require a building permit and plans must be signed off by a structural engineer to ensure the fence design can withstand wind load requirements. All fencing must be maintained in a condition of reasonable repair.

Garbage Storage (Chapter 319)

All commercial/industrial properties must have at least weekly garbage service. Servicing needs to occur frequently enough to prevent overflowing of the dumpster. Bulk or box-style waste or recycling containers must be located in the side or rear yard and be screened from view from any public right-of-way, park, or residential area. One exception, however, is in the Onaway Zoning District, where dumpsters along the alley do not need to be screened if they are kept within 5' of the building.

Screening enclosures must be at least 6' tall and be no closer to a street right-of-way than 15'. Plantings may be used for screening, but the planting design must first be approved by the City.

Lawn Maintenance (Chapter 105)

Grass and weeds need to be maintained to a height less than 10" on average across the property. This requirement applies to vacant lots also. Property owners are also required to maintain the public right-of-way adjoining their property.

Noise (Section 124)

Noise limits in commercial/industrial areas are 60 dBA during the day (7 am - 9 pm) and 50 dBA at night. The operation of outdoor power equipment, except for snow removal equipment, is prohibited before 7 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends/holidays, and after 9 pm any day.

Vehicle Parking (Section applicable zoning section)

Any where a vehicle is going to be driven or parked on your property needs to be paved. Gravel is not an approved hard surface in Fridley. These requirements are in place to prevent soil erosion into our storm sewer system. All Fridley businesses are required to have enough off-street parking to accommodate all employee and customer parking. In addition, vehicles stored outside a building must be currently licensed and street operable.

Vehicles Displayed For Sale (See applicable zoning section)

Displaying of vehicles for sale on any commercial or industrial property requires a special use permit.

Vision Safety (Chapter 205.04)

On corner lots, a property owner cannot build structures (signs) that block the view in the corner vision safety zone, which is the triangular area of the corner 40' back from the intersection of the streets. Landscaping, fencing, signs or other structures cannot exceed a height of 30" in the vision safety zone. Trees can remain in the corner vision safety zone as long as they are trimmed at least 7' up from ground level. Similar requirements apply to driveways on all properties to ensure there is clear view of crossing pedestrians and bicyclists.