Your Yard

Learn about yard waste, backyard compost, landscaping and common code violations. 

home composterWhat do I do with yard waste?

Anoka County offers two compost sites that accept twigs and leaves. The closest one is the Bunker Hills location at 13285 Hanson Boulevard in Coon Rapids. Click here for hours, fees and additional information.

How do I backyard compost?

You can also compost your yard waste and raw fruit and vegetable scraps at home with a backyard compost bin. Backyard composting is simple and will allow you to create your own compost, a soil amendment that when added to your garden will make your soil more nutrient-rich and more resistant to droughts. Click here for a fact sheet: the University of Minnesota Composting Guide.

Compost Bin/Rain Barrel Distribution
Hosted by Recycling Association of Minnesota
Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 4-7pm
at 10040 Davenport St. NE Blaine, MN 55449

Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) distributes compost bins and rain barrels in the spring. You can order a compost bin or rain barrel through RAM by sending them an email.

Compost bins and rain barrels can also be purchased through garden stores.


Fridley is a Pollinator Friendly-City! Consider making your lawn more pollinator-friendly to improve our urban ecosystem and reduce mowing.

Rain Gardens

Rain garden with liatrisOne of the best ways that you can improve water quality in Fridley is to let water return into the ground naturally rather than runoff into the storm sewer. Rain gardens are planted basins that are designed to capture and treat water. Rain gardens can also add beautiful landscaping to your yard. When water filters through a rain garden, pollutants are removed allowing it to reach our waters clean and cool.

Common Code Violations

Yard Storage / Outdoor Storage:

According to City Code, outdoor storage must be in the side or rear yard. Neatly stacked firewood is allowed, as is a trailer or boat. Items such as extension ladders, lumber (not associated with a current building permit), and machinery are not permitted.

Waste and Recycling Containers:

These can be outside and in view of the street, provided they are not in the front yard. The front yard is defined as the area between the street and the front-most building edge. If your home or garage has an overhang, these containers can be stored under that overhang. They can also be placed on the side of your home.

Other common yard code violations:

Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles cannot be openly stored in your yard. City Code also has policies against weeds and long grass, and brush piles.

Click Here for videos and additional information on many common residential city code concerns.