No Parking Zones


The City installs No Parking zones on City streets. The zones are to provide for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. In such cases, the decision to install the zone will be based upon an engineering study. No Parking zones may also be installed for the convenience of the property owner(s). In this case, the citizen will pay the full cost to have No Parking signs installed.


The following general conditions require No Parking zones to address the safe and efficient movement of vehicles.

  • An additional travel lane may be needed on a roadway during peak vehicular volume periods. A No Parking zone may be posted at particular hours of the day to provide this lane.
  • A roadway may be too narrow to allow two way traffic flow and two side parking.
  • Short segments of no parking may be needed near intersections to allow additional traffic lanes for turn movements.

Citizens generally request No Parking zones to regulate the location of parking near their property.


A party requesting a No Parking zone to regulate the location of parking near their property should contact the Public Works Director. The request will be investigated to determine if it is feasible. Usually No Parking zones are installed on the entire block. The exception is to install signs on a block face so that the zone begins or ends at a City street. The City also attempts to maintain certain standards in the hours and days to prevent the proliferation of unusual parking zones. A petition signed by 75% (decided by footage) of the residents will be required to indicate support for the request. A similar petition is required for the removal or revision of a No Parking zone.