Solicitor License

Door-To-Door Sales in Fridley Requires a Permit

A solicitor is an individual who goes to a resident's home, knocks on the door and offers a service or product. Delivering flyers is not considered door-to-door solicitation unless you stop to talk to the homeowner about your product/service or knock on a door. If you are conducting door-to-door sales in Fridley, you MUST obtain a Solicitor License.

The Solicitor License - Individual is required for all solicitor applicants. The Solicitor License - Business must be completed by the business. 

Businesses are required to submit a Police Background Investigation Consent/Release

Solicitor applicants are required to submit a Police Background Investigation Consent/Release.

The fee for each individual solicitor is $60. There is no fee for the business.

The typical approval time is approximately two weeks. We do try to expedite this time frame following major storms and when possible.

Please complete all six pages (pages 1-4 and page six by the business, and pages 5-6 by the solicitor) and return with $60 fee (per individual solicitor) to Fridley City Hall.

Please Note: Police Investigation Consent Form is required by both the business and individual solicitor.

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