Night to Unite

Night to Unite 2022

More than 80 neighborhood block parties were hosted throughout Fridley's 2022 Night to Unite celebration! 

Police officers, firefighters and city staff stopped by each of these parties and shared information on a variety of topics. Parties learned about district officers, the new SafeCam program, various volunteer opportunities and other ways the Public Safety Department is working with the community to keep Fridley's neighborhoods safe! Neighborhoods near the first parks with planned improvements also had the chance to hear about next steps for the Park System Improvement Plan. 

Thank you to AAA and the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association for sponsoring this event, as well as Sam's Club, Target and Cub Foods for their generous donations to this year's event. 

Night to Unite 2023

Night to Unite 2023 will be held on August 1, 2023! Come back in Spring 2023 for more information. We're looking forward for another exciting Night to Unite!