City Spotlights

  1. what’s new in Fridley
  1. ROCKS kids summer group photo

    Updates to Recreation and Springbrook programs/services

    As the weather warms up, our offices are typically buzzing with excitement as we prepare for summer activities. While this summer looks a little bit different, we are still committed to continuing our work to serve Fridley in a safe and meaningful way. Read on...
  2. Coronavirus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

    Find updates on city services and operations regarding the coronavirus Information and updates
  3. mosquito on leaf

    Looking to reduce mosquitoes in your yard?

    This spring, be on the lookout for standing water that can serve as mosquito breeding sites. Common areas in your yard where water may pool include old tires, bird baths, tarps, containers, and clogged rain gutters. Read on...
  4. I voted sticker

    2020 Elections

    2020 will be a busy year for Fridley voters. There are three election days in 2020! Learn about voting, important dates, door knocking and how to become an election judge. Read on...
  5. Recycling drop-off events for 2020, visit to learn more

    2020 Recycling Drop-off Dates

    Join us for our 2020 Recycling Drop-offs and Paper Shredding Events at Green Lights Recycling (1525 99th Lo NE in Blaine) for free and reduced cost disposal of electronics, appliances, mattresses, carpet and more. Read on...