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Fridley Recreation 2021 Digital Time Capsule

  1. Welcome the New Year with a Digital Time Capsule!

    The New Year is a time to be hopeful and dream into the future.  It is also a time to reflect on the past year to see how much you have grown and learned. 

    Fridley Parks and Recreation is creating a public digital time capsule that will be opened in 5 years.  The purpose of this is to give insight to our future selves about our current experiences, knowledge, and hopes.

    • What do you like most today? What are your favorite movies, books, television shows, songs, classes/job responsibilities, people, moments, people, celebrations, surprises, lessons, quotes, or achievements?
    • What are the big unanswered questions currently in your mind? What feelings predominate in these times? How do you feel about your life and the world around you? What do you enjoy about today? What are you thankful for? Who are your heroes?
  2. What do you pursue today? What is the vision for your future life? What are the things you’re looking forward to? What are your hopes for your future self? How much or in what way do you expect to be different when you get the letter? What job you want to have in a couple of years? Do you see yourself furthering your schooling?

  3. How old are you, do you feel your age? Where do you live? Your relationships? How’s your everyday life? How’s a typical day at work/school? At home? Who do you interact with daily? What do you enjoy doing every day? What are the daily trivialities you’ll miss tomorrow?

  4. Which funny facts do you want to remember or laugh about in the future? What were this year’s 10 best things/worst things that happened to you? How would you describe this year in one sentence? In one word?

  5. What events happened recently that you will never forget? You got married? Got a dog? Family member had a baby?

  6. What advice would you give to your future self? What important lesson did you learn recently and don’t want to forget?

  7. How much do you think life will change in 5 years? Will there be space travel for tourist? Will the Metaverse be a big part of our lives? What positive or negative effects will the environment take on? How do you think technology will change? Do you have any bold predictions?

  8. Photo Uploads

    Please upload photos below that we will email back to you in 5 years with your answers above!  

  9. Please upload a recent photo of yourself! 

  10. Please upload a photo of a space! This could be a house, a room, your car, an outdoor space or just a place where you feel at peace?

  11. Please upload a picture of someone special! This could be yourself, your parents, a pet, a friend(s), a romantic interest, a neighbor, or event someone you don’t know like an artist?

  12. Please upload a picture of something you are proud of!  A garden, something you created, a person, graduation photo, a home project, your body transformation, or a moment. 

  13. Please upload a picture of a travel memory! Did you go to a museum, a park, a state, a country, a new place that is close by, a cabin?

  14. Please enter your name (optional). 

  15. Please include your email so we can reach you in 5 years when we open the time capsule!

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