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Nomination Petition

  1. Insert full name of nominee.
  2. Insert address of nominee.
  3. (i.e. Mayor, Councilmember-at-Large, Councilmember Ward 1, Councilmember Ward 2, Councilmember Ward 3)
  4. to be voted for at the election to be held on the 3rd day of November 2020; and we individually certify that we are registered voters and that we have not signed other nomination petitions of candidates for this office.
  5. Insert name
  6. Name
  7. Insert Fridley, MN address.
  8. Insert name of office filing for.
  9. Type full name (first, middle, last) in lieu of a handwritten signature. By typing your name you certify you approve this submission and are allowing this form to act as the official submission of your nomination.)
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